Announcing the 2018 Ukpor Cultural Awareness Competition.
*** Organized by the Uhuori Village Youth Organization ***

Are you a currently student?

Are you at Primary, Secondary School, University level.?
Great News: You qualify to enter this competition!!

  • Write an essay telling us all you know about the history and culture of Ukpor.
  • What are the towns that make up Ukpor?
  • Where did the first family in Ukpor come from originally?
  • Tell us everything you know about our beloved hometown.
  • The winner of each category will go home with the following prices:
    • Primary: NGN 20,000
    • Secondary: NGN 30,000
    • University: NGN 50,000

The closing date for entries is: 31st July 2018

The prices will be awarded at the End of Year Culture Celebration in Ukpor December 26th 2018


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