This is a German Masquerade called. Narrenzunft Gundelfingen – guild of jesters Gundelfingen. Right there are Atheists, Spiritualists, Christians, Muslims and many more they gathered to watch and celebrate their Cultural heritage.

Ima na ndi Ocha na etikwa Nmanwu?

Narrenzunft Schloßbergturm, Albstadt-Ebingen

Eulentaler Hexe – Narrenzunft Bierlingen

It’s quite unfortunate that many Igbo people and other Africans see their Masquerades as an evil thing. The same things we condemned and run from is the same thing we pay ticket to watch in another Man’s country.

Is quite a shameful thing and a disgrace to us Africans, we are so brainwashed to the extent anything a White man does is beautiful but We have succeeded in demonizing ours.


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  1. Don Steve Buchi Aniagwu says:

    Every races and tribes has cultural heritage, traditional believes etc. And are all unique in there diversity


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