To forestall the taking over of the uhuori section (ógbó ùhuori) at Afor Ukpor market the UVU executive has inaugurated a projects committee to take on the task of raising funds for the renovation of this Shopping Centre.

Left side View of the old shops to be demolished and replaced with a modern building
Aerial View of Afor showing the Udo shrine 

In addition the executive led by our able chairman Steve Anagwu is working hard to raise money to renovate and beautify the Obi Ezeòcha and the environment generally.

A worthy and desirable project he needs all our support. Therefore we are all. Encouraged as ndi uhuori to contribute whatever we can to get these projects up and running .

Great people of Uhuori ukpor… it’s time to get up, come out and be counted. Obi Ezeocha is at the very root of the history of Uhuori and ukpor. Ezeocha was a great Uhuori man and Eze of Ukpor. His Obi at afor was the central court for all ndi ukpor. Adjacent to the Udo Ukpor altar. We now want to renovate this historic site to a world standard cultural monument. Be a part of this and write your family name in stone. Name spots on the ANCESTORS board are limited!

There will also be a paved walk way around the perimeter of obi and Udo shrine. The highest donors will get a chance to have their names immortalized using plaques along this path. PLEASE NOTE: Work starts Monday 13th May 2019. Target date for completion is Saturday 8th June 2019.

Full layout of the entire Uhuori space at Afor Ukpor

Above is the layout of the entire space . Showing obi Ezeocha, ahia okika square, ogbo umunwanyi Uhuori, the shopping centre, and behind obi Ezeocha is the Udo shrine. Separated by a wall.

Donate NGN20,000 now to:

Account Name: Uhuori Village Union

Bank: UBA

Account number: 2070798577.

First come first served.!!!!!

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