Good morning great Uhuori sons & daughters ….. Please remember to plan to attend the follow up meeting fixed for this Saturday 01 June 2019.

Time: 3pm. 
Golden Tree Hotel
Dennis Okafor Street, 23, Satellite Town, Lagos, Nigeria
+234 803 646 5809

RSVP! @⁨Chuka Anene⁩

Following the emergency meeting convened by the Chairman UVU Project committee a follow-up meeting has been scheduled for next Saturday

  1. Definition of responsibility of sub committees.
  2. Coopting of additional members into committees.
  3. Update reports on existing project.
    • Account given of Funds raised so far.
    • Breakdown of expenses so far.
    • Pictures from the site of the work.
    • Any challenges being faced with the project.
  4. Planning for other future projects.
  5. Any other business

Time: 3pm.
Venue: Golden Tree Hotels, Satellite Town

Come one, Come all.

Minutes of all.meetings available to all members on this website .

Click here for all minutes !!!

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