Follow up meeting organized 02/06/2019 for committee members based in Lagos

Highlights of the meeting are as follows:

Launching for the Obi Ukwu renovation project. The target was set at #5 million.

Huge donations were made by most of the folks present, and some others in absentia:

Chairman Chuka Anene #300,000.00

Jona Ezenyerenwa #150,000.00

Jacob Adili #100,000

Izuchukwu Anene #100,000.00

Obinna Uzundu #50,000

Izuchukwu Nwosu #100,000

Tim Obianuka #50,000

Basil Okeke-Ikpo #100,000

Total raised so far: #950,000.

Balance to reach target: #4,050,000

We are expecting the rest of you who were not at the meeting to keep the ball rolling please!

We also agreed that we shall not always have physical meetings, but agree on the platform for an online meeting and fix date and time.
We also agreed to have project account, write to would-be agreed bank, get the necessary documents required, so that the donated funds can be wired into.


Emergency meeting organized 25/05/2019 for committee members based in Lagos.


  • Creation of various sub committees and their chairmen
  • Nomination/Appointment of Principal officers
  • Separate account for The project committee
    *Online meetings
    *more members to be coopted.

The following were decisions reached;

It was agreed that sub committees be created to enable the Project Committee achieve it’s set goals, they are as follows;

  1. Works sub-committee. Lagos coordinator – Obinna Uzondu.
    Home coordinator – Irechukwu Udezue.
    Members to be added.
  2. Publicity/Protocols sub-committee. Chinedu Ofoma-chairman, Agozie Ezeokafo Secretary, members to be coopted.
  3. Fund raising/sponsorship sub-committee, chairman- Izu Nwosu. Members to be added.


  1. Chukwunwe Anunobi-Vice Chairman
  2. Ikenna Ebulueme- Secretary
  3. Jona Ezenyerenwa-Treasurer
  4. Chinedu Ofoma-PRO & Head of Publicity /Protocols
  5. Obinna Uzondu- Works coordinator Lagos
    Irechukwu Udezue- Works coordinator Home.

It was agreed that all members based outside Lagos shall be involved in the through online participation for speeding process and to avoid the bottlenecks of getting all members to a physical meeting.
The meeting was adjourned till next Saturday
Time: 3pm.
Venue: Golden Tree Hotels, Satellite Town
Entertainment was supplied by the Chairman Mr. Chuka Anene.


  1. Chuka Anene
  2. Ikenna Ebulueme
  3. Jona Ezenyerenwa
  4. Basil Okeke-Ikpo
  5. Jacob Adili
  6. Obinna Uzondu
  7. Don Steve ANIAGWU.
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